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You Have Discovered My Virtual Music Library...!

I definitely put too much effort into this page, but it's fine. I had fun!

Favourite Artists + Bands

This changes with the cycles of the moon, so instead of a carefully-curated list of artists coded in, I'm afraid all I can offer is a Spotify playlist. In short, this is ONE SONG from all my favourite artists. Is it my FAVOURITE song? Not necessarily, because I always struggle to pick favourites! Anyways, lend an ear below.

Friends I Will Tirelessly Promote

Yet another Spotify playlist, this one containing various friends + mutuals who make music :) Give 'em a listen!

Favourite Albums!

Initially, this was gonna be a list of all the albums I've ever listened to, but that soon became impossible to keep up with, so I'm just gonna list things I rate 4 stars or higher. And yes, I said rate--check out my RYM for everything I've listened to!

In the meantime, in no particular order: albums I've really liked.

Page Credits

All album art should be official art, and I got the music divider from graphic.neocities.org.

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