Fairything's Fairy Ring!

Fairything's Domain!

Very much a work in progress!

Welcome to FAIRYTHING'S FAIRY RING, an old-web style digital space for all the spare passion and kitsch that capitalism doesn't care for.

Purpose and Content

Expect rambling about my art and interests, as well as resources and links (sometimes to do with my art and interests, sometimes just 'cause they're cool). This is very self-indulgent, but if you're here, I hope it does ya some good, some way!

  • words-wise: stuff i'm proud of (prose, poetry, twine games, articles, plays, maybe more), resources, rambles and rants, and maybe more... perhaps a blog someday, or reviews of books n' tunes... or maybe i'll use this site to play with digital storytelling. who knows!
  • tunes-wise stuff i'm proud of (songs, sound design, maybe more), resources, rambles and rants. maybe some neocities-exclusive commentary and insights on my work.
  • visuals-wise: stuff i'm proud of (photos, drawings, graphics, videos, maybe more), resources, rambles and rants. not much more, because i'm primarily a hobbyist in this department.
  • also a page just for resources if you want direct access to all resources in the above categories, And Even More! like self-care stuff or whatever!
  • possibly more i haven't thought about yet
  • and generally stuff i couldn't put on my portfolio site lol

so, enjoy! or don't. this is mostly for me, haha. and maybe i'll even learn some css on the way!

or maybe not--much of this layout was created by the incomparable sadgrl's layout builder! So, thank you sadgrl.

Every page should come with a "page credits" part at the bottom, and/or link back to original posters when possible. A lot of this stuff I can't trace, but I'll credit whatever I can, whenever I can. :)

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