Fairything's Fairy Ring!
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Fairything's Domain!

Very much a work in progress!

Welcome to FAIRYTHING'S FAIRY RING, an old-web style digital garden for all the spare passion and kitsch that capitalism doesn't care for.

This is going to be a sort of virtual garden where I can talk about my art and interests, without the pressure of my portfolio site (which you can access here!) It's pretty much just for me... but if you take joy from it, too, that's awesome!

Purpose and Content

Besides my fondness for old web chic, this site is also, in a way, a political statement. I could (and probably later will) rant for hours about my gripes with Web3 and all that, and Neocities has proven to be a sort of oasis from what the web's become. I think we deserve an expansive ecosystem of digital gardens we can build and tend ourselves, not... I don't know, the minimalist hellscape of increasingly-monopolizing social media giants.

So, here's to old web quirkiness! This is a website for fun, not profit! And here's what to expect:

  • writing of all kinds: prose, poetry, essays, random drabbles, rambles and rants, potentially resources, and maybe more... experimental stuff in the future.
  • musical content! whether it's commentary on my preexisting tracks, resources, or even little Neocities-exclusive tunes.
  • maybe even uh
  • "fandom" stuff... like fanart/fan edits, or media analysis, or that kind of nerdiness
  • possibly more i haven't thought about yet
  • and generally stuff i couldn't put on my portfolio site lol

so, enjoy! or don't. this is mostly for me, haha. and maybe i'll even learn some css on the way!

or maybe not--much of this layout was created by the incomparable sadgrl's layout builder! So, thank you sadgrl. Also, the little flute fairy on the side is from Sayclub! The little critter above it is a sona of sorts, drawn by yours truly.

Every page should come with a "page credits" part at the bottom, and/or link back to original posters when possible. A lot of this stuff I can't trace, but I'll credit whatever I can, whenever I can. :)

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