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Fairything's Domain!

Be warned: there's a lot of neurodivergent infodumping about to ensue.

If you've known me for more than... I'd say, fifty seconds? You probably know I'm a writer. It's kind of my "thing," perhaps even more than music. It's definitely been around longer! Some of my earliest memories are of weaving little stories about fantastical characters for my own amusement and escapism.

This is a kind of "landing page" for my writery stuff. You'll be able to explore from here at your own leisure. :)


  • Prose
  • Poetry
  • Articles + Journalism
  • Playwriting
  • Advice + Tricks
  • About My OCs!
  • FREAKSPOTTERS, my (tragically hiatused) for-fun webnovel!
  • Neocities-Based Storytelling...? (coming soon)

Upcoming Major Projects

Currently working on a play I can't say more about, a novel I can't say more about, poetry stuff I can't say more about, aaaaand new Freakspotters chapters, I swear.

Have fun exploring! And remember: writing is rewriting, and darling-killing, and a hell of a grind, and sometimes downright painful... but gosh darn it, it's medicine, too.

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