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Their newest release, "Aureate Astronomies," is synthy, spacey, and bittersweet

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"The Vancouver indie-popster's latest release is a bedroom-synth gem that shimmers, glistens and shape-shifts like the aurora borealis, with keyboards that squiggle and swirl and drift through the nighttime sky." - Darryl Sterdan, Tinnitist

"Aureate Astronomies" is a track for the gifted burnouts, the lovingly disillusioned, and everyone else whose childhood dreams of going to the moon are long-dead. It's a bittersweet, anticapitalist lullaby about growing up and realizing that even if there's nothing wrong with you, the systems in place can hold you back, whether it's from the moon or finding a living wage.

With inspiration from The Scary Jokes, Tikkle Me, and the cartoons and video games of their youth (and with that signature Omnichord sound tying it all together!), Fairything's latest single is twinkly, nostalgic bedroom bitpop not to be missed.

"You need to listen to this tune from Fairything. It highlights the best of the bitpop genre, bringing forward simple yet impactful lyrics enveloped with jingly synth and omnichord progression." - Alexa Terrayo, Permanent Rain Press, on Previous Single "Desperate and Dazed"

Artist Bio

Alex K. Masse, AKA Fairything, is a synthy, sapphic, singer-songwriter solo act (and probable changeling) making tunes to watch the sky to. They've been everywhere from Vancouver Pride to working with the incomparable Penelope Scott, and their sound ranges from catchy, angsty, chiptune-inspired bops like "Desperate and Dazed" to sparkly, bittersweet lullabies like their upcomin single, "Aureate Astronomies." Much of their musical inspiration comes from video games & cartoons they grew up on, and that shines through in their unique melodies, poetic lyricism, and the dreamy, synthy sounds of their Suzuki Omnichord. They're also a neurodivergent nonbinary lesbian, which greatly affects their process.

When not writing, they're making music, and when not making music, they're writing. Occasionally, though, they can be seen working on their degree, or cozied up with their cat.

"The lilting melody of Masse's voice, even as emotion charged through the song, was mesmerizing." - Kelly Chia, The Peak, on a previous live performance

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