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A bit about yours truly!

Hey there! Welcome to my corner of the weird wide web. I'm just another nostalgic dweeb who wanted a little oasis where I could be tacky and indulgent. Here's a lightning round of facts:

name: alex

age: 23

pronouns: they/them (i'm a nonbinary lesbian!)

sun sign: leo! (08/11/2000)

socials: find 'em all in the sidebar! but as a rule of thumb i'm fairything/fairythingflies on everything.

interests: writing, making music, my ocs, queer culture, literature, media studies... and more. i have a lot of interests haha.

tools of choice: find 'em here

occupation: freelance writer/musician + communication student

stuff wrong with me: autism & more (but you have to buy me dinner to know the rest)

mbti: infj

alignment: chaotic good

d&d class: bard

pets: while my family has 2 cats, one of them is mine in particular. that'd be onyx, my perfect little angel who's a bit neurotic and a bit silly, but the purest & most loving soul out there. check out a picture of her!

Some of my favourite things

colour: purple

flower: lavender

animal: cat (though rabbit is a close second and deer a close third)

pokemon: mew (though turtwig is a close second and clefairy a close third)

book: changes by the day, but head to this page to find some i really like

musical artist(s): too many to name, but find some favs here

movie: who framed roger rabbit, but check out this page for some other favs

podcast: welcome to night vale, but i have other favourites here

video game: can't pick one, find a bunch here

tv show: can't pick one, find a bunch here

play/musical: little shop of horrors and hadestown are tied for #1, though you can find others here

quote: i've got a million, you can find them here

Quiz Results

I am 157 centimeters tall. This makes me taller than 0.7% of men and 16.9% of women.
I am a Togetic!

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Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don't taste sweetness.

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My name is
here's some lore!
androgynous, artsy, autistic, cat lover, creative, cuddly, cute, dyke, eccentric, effeminate, fairy, femme, full of love, glittery, hairy, happy, ineffable, introvert, leftist, lesbian, lesbo, lezzy, library dyke, lover, loving, obsessed, odd, passionate, pixie, quirky, sparkly, strange, witch, wizard
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Digital Trinkets + Toys

this might become its own page someday... but not yet ;)

Miscellanous Memes n' Such

Page Credits

the miniature gifs i used as bullet points have been saved on my laptop since i was about 14, and i have no idea who initially made them--but if i find out, i'll absolutely add the credit here! same with a lot of the blinkies and digital knick-knacks--a lot of these were taken from other peoples' graphic resource pages and such, and i've credited what i could find credits for, but obviously lots of info has been lost to time ;_; if you know where something's from, please let me know so i can link i!

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